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All Saints' Episcopal Church in Lakeland, Florida provides this forum as an exploration of family life with an emphasis on parenting, children, and teens. We hope that you will join our conversation and visit our children & youth ministries.

Back to School

Back to School

I read an article in the Sunday Ledger called "Parents Need to Prepare for School Year". It is a very good reminder of how the process of getting back to the school routine takes an emotional preparation for everyone in the home, not just the students. The author Berney Wilkinson writes of "time - anchors" to keep each day to help provide stability, and I think we at All Saints' could add an additional anchor - the time of Bible reading and daily prayers with our children or the time set aside for teens and adults to do that at the beginning or end of the day. Here is the link to the article: Ledger Article by Dr. Berney. I hope you find it useful!

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