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Being on Mission

Being on Mission

I just finished an amazing week with several of our teens. It was Homegrown Mission Week (July 27-31), and I was joined by 18 teens plus I had help from a total of 19 adults and 2 children to do a variety of projects in and around downtown Lakeland. We played and taught children at Parker Street Ministries, we provided food and toiletries for homeless, we cleaned at Lighthouse Ministries as well as at homes of some of our members, we did propertry improvement projects at Second Chance Ministry, we organized and implemented a Meet Our Police Officers Event in Barnett Park, and we visited with residents at Lake Morton Plaza! I can't get over how well we got along and became one big happy and mission-oriented family for five days. The teens were supportive of one another and really opened up to how God was speaking to them through our various projects and times of devotion.

When I continue to reflect upon last week, I am profoundly grateful for how the team embraced being on mission within our local community, something that teams usually struggle to do. Typically, teams do mission projects away from home and there will be hope that members will find a way to see the need in the local community. Our team realized the needs as they embraced them and want to continue to do more in the future - amen to that! I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to grow in the Spirit together!


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