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Easter Happened...Now What?!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to be in the Easter season. I was really excited about our worship experiences during Holy Week and then the triumph of Easter. It was a significant time of worship and I was on one of those spiritual "highs". How about you?

So now we find ourselves a few weeks out from that celebration of our resurrected Christ and I find that it is harder to ward off the mundane activities of everyday life. How about you? In some ways it doesn't feel like Easter took hold, but I don't want to lose it. I want this season to reorient my priorities and how I see the world. I want it to make me see the world as God sees it and to be passionate about those who don't know Christ. I want to be purposeful in doing things that will transform my life and the life of others. How about you?! 

I've been using the passages from the Gospels to remind me what it was like for Jesus' friends to be in the world, to have experienced Jesus' teachings first hand, to have watched him go to his death, and then to realize that he came to life again and walked among them. It is a radical faith that we have, isn't it? I love getting caught up in knowing our God who can overcome death to live again and to live for me.

Sadly, however, it seems that there are many distractions in the world that pull me away from staying in that moment, so I struggle and I imagine you struggle, too. And I also know we are entering a culturally hectic season with the end of the school year and the many ceremonies and parties and final games that it means. So, let us commit together that in all that we do, in the many ways that we engage fully with the lives of our families and the commitments that we make, that we find ways to stay rooted in the amazing story of this Easter season. May the choices we make bring honor and glory to Jesus, our Savior, with whom we continue to journey and proclaim to the world that "Jesus is Lord!".

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