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Importance of Community

Importance of Community


Community is so significant to the life of the Church. If you haven't started to glean this about me, I am an encourager when it comes to this topic. I love to see people get together, and more importantly, I love to see our children and teens get together. It's how they know that the Christian family is larger than their families at home. It's how they know that as a child of God, they have brothers and sisters in Christ. It's how they know they can lean on others who share a common faith. 

I was so truly blessed by the experience of taking a group of our teens to Sunny Acres Lodge this past weekend. The smiles on all of our faces says it all! Some of us played card games and board games; we played group games outside; girls did hair and talked about life experiences; guys played ping pong and tossed around a nerf football; fathers and sons spent time together; parents had chances to bond; we had a group devotion and time of worship; we had a campfire and cooked marshmallows; some watched a movie or two; and I made pancakes in the morning. We were a happy little family together! 

Our kids need these experiences to grow closer together, to know how to care for one another, to love their church, and to feel like they belong. Our society is filled with opportunities to be scattered in pursuit of what can make us grow as individuals, but what are we doing to make us grow as a community of faith? I hope we can keep finding ways to "belong together" and to build community. It will add to the strength of our witness.

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