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All Saints' Episcopal Church in Lakeland, Florida provides this forum as an exploration of family life with an emphasis on parenting, children, and teens. We hope that you will join our conversation and visit our children & youth ministries.

Pledge for the New Year

As I started to think about the year to come, I started to think in terms of a pledge for the new year rather than a list of resolutions. I thought I would share with you how I am approaching 2016 as I serve among you at All Saints’ Church. 

·         I will continue to pray to God for wisdom, guidance, and blessing in all that we do.

·         I will continue to pray for each child and teen who are members of our fellowship, as well as children and teens who are regular visitors in our programming. I will pray for spiritual growth for each one, and I will add additional prayers as you share other concerns with me.

·         I will continue to care about your family and be available to you if/when needs arise.

·         I will continue to get to know your children, teens, or grandchildren through conversations at church and/or through seeing them participating in sporting or cultural events in the community. (I enjoy coming to games, concerts, exhibitions, schools, etc., so feel free to invite me!)

·         I will continue to value bringing people together through the following types of programming for our children, teens, parents, and families: activities that promote fellowship, studies that promote deepening our Christian faith, and opportunities for service at our church and in the community.

·         I will continue to work on my own spiritual development through daily Bible study, Anglican studies, spirituality retreats, and participating in this year’s confirmation classes.

·         My door is always open and I welcome community conversation and involvement in ways we can reach and teach our young people to know, love, and follow Christ.

·         On a side note, my responsibilities with the Florida Southern Girls’ Chorus will be drawing to a close at the end of the spring season. It became clear to me this past fall that I can no longer be divided in my energies between church and the community chorus and I have felt God both reassure and guide me through my process of closure with that organization.

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