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Show Them Jesus

Earlier this week I was sharing with a couple of moms about daily Christian rituals. The conversation was prompted by a reading by Jack Klumpenhower where he suggested "the Longest List" idea. He told his children that they were going to build a list of all the things that they learn about Jesus. The prompt would be "Jesus is better than anything else because..." and each day or each week they would fill in the blank. The rule would be that whatever they learn would be written down on a card and taped on the wall and every card needs to be different. One child's comment was, "that's going to be a long list." :)

I love that there are so many ways that we can share and show our children Jesus. Sometimes it is through the simple act of doing Bible study and they see your commitment to that. Or it can be through your prayer times together, perhaps at bedtime or at the dinner table. I always want to model praying for needs beyond those who are part of the prayer as a witness to the world that needs our prayers. Or it can be through how you interact with your spouse, or friends, or other children. Or perhaps it is in the way that you volunteer or care for the needs of others?

Today I was blessed to hear of another parent's witness to her children. Completely unprompted, I learned from one of our members that she sings a Christian song to each of her two children before they go to sleep each night. One child always needs to hear "Amazing Grace" and will mention something the next day if she didn't get to hear it because mom couldn't be there, and the other is currently wanting to hear "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God." What a beautiful way of instilling God's care and love for his children through an act of prayerful and intimate worship at bedtime. Praise be to God! 

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