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Teaching to Love

If you've been paying attention to national news since Friday, you know that our country (and our world) needs Christ and his love more than ever. My response to the displays of civil unrest, hatred, and violence has been to pray for Jesus to intervene and bring healing to a broken world. I have also responded by personally sharing lessons and encouraging our midweek teachers to share lessons on loving others as Jesus would want us to do.

On Sunday I asked myself the question, what does it look like for our children to love others as they start a new school year? Perhaps they are in classrooms with children of different ethnicities and skin color? How should they respond to other children but find ways to be loving, kind, and go the extra mile to get to know every student's name as soon as possible so that they start building relationships and help to create a loving, family atmosphere among their peers and classroom.

Our Epistle lesson from Romans 10 this past Sunday reminded us that the feet of those who share the good news are beautiful and I encouraged our children to be those "beautiful feet" who share Christ's love with every one in their classes. Perhaps for our young children, they might be asked to share crayons or markers and they might not always get what they want, but that gives them an opportunity to love a classmate? Perhaps our older children might have to show a new classmate how to do a classroom task and that gives them an opportunity to love and grow in responsibility? Perhaps our teens have the opportunity to invite new students into their friendship circles and they can grow in showing Christ's love to others? There are so many opportunities for us to teach our children to make this world a better, more loving place in which to live. My prayer and hope is that we all continue to reflect on how we can pay attention to the needs of others as we love our neighbors as ourselves.

Ears of the Heart
Tender, Humble Love for One Another

Scripture Readings for July 22

First Lesson Deuteronomy 10:12-14
Psalm Psalm 27:1-5
Second Lesson Acts 5:1-10
The Holy Gospel Luke 12:13-21
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