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Thanksgiving is...

Many of us cherish Thanksgiving traditions. Some value the feast of certain foods. Some value the time to get together with family. Some value the time off and perhaps a time to travel. Some value watching the Macy's Day Parade or a football game on television. Some value the time to start celebrating the Christmas season by decorating and shopping.

As for me, I have identified with many of those values over the years, but I find that I am in a slightly different place this year. I certainly enjoy and will enjoy the time with family and eating a traditional turkey dinner that my dad will enjoy preparing, but I find that am searching for something that is more spiritually enriching for this year's holiday. So, in an effort to get this holiday season started off on a spiritual note, here are a few of my "thanksgivings":

I am thankful for being a child of God, my baptism, and the calling to ministry;

I am thankful for Charles and his unending love and support;

I am thankful for my family and friends;

I am thankful for being called to serve at All Saints' Church and the joy I have in doing so;

I am thankful for the abundant ways that members and staff of All Saints' Church have made me feel at home;

I am thankful for the many, many students and families that I have had opportunity to teach, encourage, and know;  

I am thankful for getting to live in Lakeland;

I am thankful for music and creative ways to express myself;

I am thankful for my health;

I am thankful for having a purpose in life.


The list could continue on an on and get more specific, so perhaps that will be my meditation over the next week. I hope my thoughts encourage you to meditate on a list of your own. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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