A variety of viewpoints are presented from our religious, political, and economic spectrums, but only the absolute truth of the gospel of Christ has the message that ultimately answers the most pressing questions and serious concerns of the human soul. The book is concerned with encouraging and helping church leaders bring spiritual renewal to their people through the biblical gospel.

What is the Gospel? Part 10

The theological and biblical doctrine of inerrancy explains that the Scriptures claim to be true because God always speaks the truth and does not lie (Psalm 190:160 ; John 17:17 ). The Scriptures themselves and a variety of scholars tell us that the Scriptures do not and cannot err, deceive, or speak falsely and are a dependable and reliable source of God's revelation. They bear the stamp and imprimatur of truth and lead us into truth. The Scriptures are without error in what they affirm regarding the will and purposes of God and are the only infallible guide to living. Their primary content is the living Word, Jesus Christ, and the gospel proclaimed by him and his disciples (Mark 1:14-15 ; Acts 2:37-39 ). No greater truths exist. 

The inherent, transcendent truths of the Scriptures are normally not readily received, but only understood by the illumination and guidance of the Holy Spirit (John 8:47 ). Donald Bloesch defines illumination as "the inward awakening of the believer to the truth that is revealed." Unfortunately, man is particularly susceptible to his sinful nature and swayed by lies, untruths, and heresies. Without the Holy Scirptures in our lives and a proper understanding of the gospel, we have a tendencey to embrace error and wrong thinking. FitzSimons Allison astutely observes: "We are susceptible to heretical teachings because, in one form or another, they nurture and reflect the way we would have it be rather than the way God has provided, which is infinitely better for us. As they lead us into the blind alleys of self-indulgence and escape from life, heresies pander to the most unworthy tendencies of the human heart." Because the Scriptuees are inerrant and true, when they are correctly interpreted, they can be relied upon in their teaching and instruction and are a sure and trustworthy authority.  

Ordinary Time Is Not Ordinary
The Trinity, All the Fullness of God

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