A variety of viewpoints are presented from our religious, political, and economic spectrums, but only the absolute truth of the gospel of Christ has the message that ultimately answers the most pressing questions and serious concerns of the human soul. The book is concerned with encouraging and helping church leaders bring spiritual renewal to their people through the biblical gospel.

What is the Gospel? Part 6

Griffith Thomas defines revelation as the unfolding of the character of God, the supernatural communication from God to man of truth which the human mind unaided could not discover, and of grace for life which human power alone could not provide. This unfolding occurs best in the Holy Scriptures as the meaning of the text shines through the llight of divine revelation. Because of man's sinful nature and separation from God, man's attempts to discern the will of God are ultimately fruitless and futile (See Isaiah 55:9 ; Jeremiah 2:13 ). "God's ways and thoughts are sovereignly efficacious, in that they accomplish all that they are designed to accomplish" (Edward J. Young). Man simply dos not have the capacity and aiblity to know and discern the mind of God (I Corinthians 2:11b); therefore, God must always take the inititative and come and speak truthfully to him about what he is like and what he is to believe (Proverbs 30:5 ). 

Unless God makes himself known to us, we cannot know him. Providentially and graciously, God desires to reveal himself to us and for us to communicate with him through the divine words and supernatural acts of God found in Holy Scripture. He calls us to follow and love him intimately so that a personal relationship is formed and nurtured for a lifetime. The Lord has fashioned us in such a way as to give us the ability and desire to hear his voice and discern his ways. 



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