A variety of viewpoints are presented from our religious, political, and economic spectrums, but only the absolute truth of the gospel of Christ has the message that ultimately answers the most pressing questions and serious concerns of the human soul. The book is concerned with encouraging and helping church leaders bring spiritual renewal to their people through the biblical gospel.

What is the Gospel? Part 9

The authors of the Bible did not invent their material, since the origin of the Scriptures is from God and not from the imagination of men. The Scriptures are the living words of God through the words of human beings and are divinely inspired (II Peter 1:20-21). The Holy Spirit supernaturally led and guided the human writers, but did not cancel their personalities (Acts 1:16 ). God's words were theirs and their words were God's; so what was actually written was the word of God. The only way this could have been successfully produced is that the faculties and wills of man were acted upon by the Holy Spirit to express the very words of God (Luke 1:70 ; Acts 28:25 ). Paradoxically, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God belong and work inseparably together in unision. Donald Bloesch says that "The Word is animated by the Spirit, and the Spirit always directs us to the Word." By the grace of God, the Spirit makes the true and dependable words of Scripture intelligible and understandable to the believer and efficacious for their life. 

The Call of Lent
The Fullness of God

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