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Why Confirmation?

I'm excited to have started the journey of confirmation classes with 40+ other members and regular visitors of our parish family. I'm also pleased that there are more than a dozen teens who have joined the journey with us.

At the first meeting, Fr. Reid posed the question, "why confirmation?" Since I am coming from a different denominational background and feeling the strong call to the priesthood, I have been exploring that for myself. To be honest, when I attended the diocesan meeting last August to explore the call, I admitted to the group that I didn't know how God was going to guide me through this very aspect of the calling. My identity as a Christian had been through the lens of Baptist traditions and liturgies, but now God was asking me to maintain my Christian identity (which I received at my baptism) and to continue growing and exploring God's gifts in me through the lens of becoming part of the apostolic Church. It was an unsettling thought back in August because I knew that something would need to change and I was unsure if I would need to lose something in the process, but the call has grown stronger, the parish family has been affirming, and I look forward to how God will use the journey of confirmation to bring something new to my life.

What about you? What does confirmation mean? I am praying, in particular, that our teens will really embrace a personal understanding of their baptism and the calling to be in daily relationship with God. I hope that this journey will be just that, a daily and weekly rhythm of growing closer to God so that their faith in Christ as their Savior and their trust in the Holy Spirit to renew their lives will be confirmed because they truly believe it and are willing put their trust in God. It will be a joy to see what God will do through them as well as all of the confirmands at the time of confirmation. Bishop Greg Brewer will lay hands on each one and ask God to strengthen us with the Holy Spirit; empower us for service; and sustain us all the days of our lives. I am praying for God's anointing to take hold in all of us and bring about a new work for the kingdom of God, and I hope you will join me.

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