Fall Parish Academy Registration

Fall Parish Academy takes place on Wednesday evenings, 7 until 8:30. It is designed to provide a Christian education in a parish setting that will equip adults to function successfully in their ministries.

Wednesday Evenings 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
September 4 - December 11, 2019

  • The Holy Spirit: Works and Gifts - The Rev. Dr. Reid Hensarling
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Books 1-3 - Dr. Alan Snyder
  • The Christian Worldview - Linda Marichal

Nurseries & Youth Programs Available During Class

The Holy Spirit: Works and Gifts

By Donald Bloesch

  • September 4 - Forward
  • September 11 - Introduction
  • September 18 - The Contemporary Debate
  • September 25 - The Descent of the Spirit
  • October 2 - Fathers, Enthusiasts and Mystics
  • October 9 - Reformation Perspectives
  • October 16 - Post-Reformation Renewal Movements
  • October 23 - New Challenges to Traditional Faith I
  • October 30 - New Challenges to Traditional Faith II
  • November 6 - Pentecostalism
  • November 13 - Recent Developments in Theological Thought
  • November 20 - The Holy Spirit: Person and Mission I
  • November 27 - No Class—Thanksgiving
  • December 4 - The Holy Spirit: Person and Mission II
  • December 11 - The Highway of Holiness

The Rev. Dr. Reid Hensarling

teachers rhensarling 17

Fr. Reid began his service as the eighth Rector of All Saints' on November 14, 2016. All Saints' celebrated Fr. Reid's institution on February 26, 2017. He was the Associate to the Rector of All Saints' from April, 2003 to December, 2015 and Priest-in-Charge from January 6, 2016 to November 13, 2016.

He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and received a BS degree from LSU in 1978 and an MA from the University of Texas in 1981. Fr. Reid went to seminary in the summer of 1989 and graduated from Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in May, 1992. Thereafter, he has served churches in Shreveport, Louisiana, Bennettsville, South Carolina, and Memphis, Tennessee. He completed a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida in December, 2010.

Fr. Reid loves the All Saints' family, his sacramental duties, building adult Christian education, and leading the parish in spiritual growth through the faithful proclamation and teaching of the gospel. He supervises an excellent staff that loves and serves the people of All Saints' faithfully. Fr. Reid is the Chaplain of the All Saints’ Doulos Chapter of the Order of St. Luke and loves to preach and teach the Bible.

Fr. Reid's hobbies include reading, running, football, Shakespeare, and movies. He also loves working in the yard and following the Dallas Cowboys football team, which he has enjoyed since 1965.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Books 1-3

By C.S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia have inspired readers both young and old since they were first published in the 1950s. In this course, we will read and discuss The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobePrince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. As we enter Narnia, we will discover how Lewis used this series not only to teach us basic Biblical truths but also to tell us some really good stories as he did so.

  • September 4 - Introduction to Lewis’s World of Narnia 
  • September 11 - LWW, chapters 1-4 
  • September 18 - LWW, chapters 5-8 
  • September 25 - LWW, chapters 9-12 
  • October 2 - LWW, chapters 13-17 
  • October 9 - PC, chapters 1-3 
  • October 16 - PC, chapters 4-7 
  • October 23 - PC, chapters 8-11 
  • October 30 - PC, chapters 12-15 
  • November 6 - No class—I will be at a Lewis conference 
  • November 13 - VDT, chapters 1-4 
  • November 20 - VDT, chapters 5-8 
  • November 27 - No Class—Thanksgiving    
  • December 4 - VDT, chapters 9-12 
  • December 11 - VDT, chapters 13-16

The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (LWW); Prince Caspian (PC); The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (VDT) 

Dr. Alan Snyder, Professor of History, Southeastern University

alansnyder 18

Dr. Snyder brings to Southeastern a wealth of experience in and passion for Christian education. After a brief stint as a broadcaster for the Christian Broadcasting Network, Dr. Snyder entered the field of education, serving four years as headmaster of a Christian school. After earning his advanced degrees, he was given a full-time teaching position at Indiana Wesleyan University, but then was asked to join the faculty of the School of Government at Regent University, a master’s-level program, where he taught for seven years, including one year as academic dean of the School of Government. His greatest joy was in the relationships he developed with these graduate students as he helped prepare them to be God’s representatives in the realm of government and public policy.

Dr. Snyder is the author of five books, his latest being America Discovers C. S. Lewis: His Profound Impact, published in 2016. This book traces the contacts Lewis made with Americans during his lifetime and the influence he has had on Americans ever since.

Dr. Snyder’s research interests are the impact of Christian faith on government and society, American intellectual history, and modern American political conservatism.

An Introduction to Christian Worldview

Countless worldviews vie for our hearts and minds. Everyone has a worldview, but few have intentionally thought it through. What is man? Where did everything come from? Why are things so messed up? What is the solution? What happens when we die? The answers to these and other “big questions” form the lens through which we look at reality. Our worldview is more than simply a set of rational ideas, it directs our actions and values. In other words, it molds the mind and heart. Many professing Christians believe things and do things inconsistent with Christianity. This should not be so. We should consciously seek to align our ideas with the ideas of God.

In this class, we will learn:

  • What a worldview is and why it matters
  • The contours of a Christian worldview
  • Other/competing worldviews held in our culture
  • How to live what we believe

The book for class is “An Introduction to the Christian Worldview: Pursuing God’s Perspective in a Pluralistic World.”

  • September 4 - What is a Worldview? 
  • September 11 - The Importance and Impact of Worldview 
  • September 18 - Worldview Analysis
  • September 25 - The Contours of a Christian Worldview, Part 1
  • October 2 - The Contours of a Christian Worldview, Part 2
  • October 9 - The Contours of a Christian Worldview, Part 3
  • October 16 - The Contours of a Christian Worldview, Part 4
  • October 23 - Testing a Christian Worldview
  • October 30 - Alternatives: Deism, Naturalism and Postmodernism
  • November 6 - Alternatives: Hinduism and Islam
  • November 13 - Living as a Christian Part 1
  • November 20 - Living as a Christian Part 2
  • November 27 - No Class—Thanksgiving
  • December 4 - Conclusion

Required Book: An Introduction to Christian Worldview: Pursuing God's Perspective in a Pluralistic World. Hardback, paperback or kindle versions available.

Linda Marichal

linda 2019

Linda Marichal joined All Saints' Church in 2003, shortly after her conversion to Christianity from atheism.  Linda is married to David Marichal and has three lovely and talented daughters, Savannah, Chelsea and Gabriella. Linda credits her faith first to the grace of God, but also to the work of Christian apologists who open skeptical minds to the truth of Christianity.  Once saved, Linda has diligently, some might say obsessively, studied and worked to understand the things of God - she reads theology for fun!

Linda is a member of the first graduating class of All Saints' Parish Academy program and continues to be a regular in classes offered at the church.  Having seen the Light, she has devoted herself to helping her fellow Christians develop intellectually grounded, as well as heart-felt, faith. Linda has taught Adult Sunday School, Young Adult group, children's and youth Sunday School, and Adult Parish Academy classes.  Linda and David are also certified facilitators of the Dynamic Marriage Course, which they have twice conducted at All Saints’.

Faith seeking understanding is Linda's ongoing goal.


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