The seven o'clock hour began to with a "guess that word" game led by Ms. Jireh Lugones. The word was our focus for the evening - "self-control". Students had a brief discussion of how this applies to our daily lives, especially reflecting back to our Lenten experience. Then it was time to put our self-control to the test…

Each student was given four rubber bands and a name tag. The children assigned themselves a new name for the evening and wrote it on the name tag. For the duration of the evening if a student called a classmate by the wrong name, the student would surrender a rubber band to the classmate. The student with the most rubber bands at the end of the evening would win a prize. Throughout the evening if any student showed a lack of self-control (speaking out of turn, not raising a hand, etc.), the instructors could require a rubber band.

Students played various games that required self control including an epic "balance on one foot" tournament, red light/green light, and hide and seek. The competition was fierce. Some lost all bands, some held strong, but congratulations go to Ellie and Andrew for increasing their number of bands by the night's end.

We discussed how difficult self-control can be, especially when it costs us something we need want NOW. However, practicing self-control and following the rules God has provided us will ultimately lead to a better prize.

New Faces!
During the Lenten season...


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Saturday, 07 December 2019

Scripture Readings for Dec 8

First Lesson Isaiah 11:1-10
Psalm Psalm 72:1-7 Psalm 72:18-19
Second Lesson Romans 15:4-13
The Holy Gospel Matthew 3:1-12

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