Winter Foyers

A foyer is simply an entrance hall, according to Webster’s Dictionary.

A Foyer Group at All Saints’ then is an entry into the fellowship of our church, a way to become acquainted with all those whom you see every Sunday, especially those members who attend services different from your own. In that way, by meeting each other we become one body, able to recognize and get to know our fellow members. 

By signing up for a Foyer Group, you will meet in ways decided upon by each group whether at dinners in each others’ homes, in restaurants chosen by the group, or at picnics; the opportunities are endless. Groups meet once a month with each member acting as host once for whatever plan chosen by the group. When all members have served as hosts, the session is ended and new groups are formed by the Chair, Lora Karr. The goal is to have everyone in the parish included in the experience. We know from past experience that we all become more open to each other when we know everyone’s name.

All it takes to participate in a Foyer Group is to sign up through the office or on our website, and that is just a small leap of faith in your fellow church members, to spread Christian love and fellowship beyond your own comfort zone. Isn’t that what we are called to do? 

To sign up please complete the form below and give us the necessary information to get you into a group! The normal Foyer Group is made up of eight people. We also have one or two small groups of four to six people for those that live in smaller homes so they may still participate.

The Winter Session will run from January through April. Don’t miss out!

Offer hospitality to one another gladly” (1 Peter 4:9 ).



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