Lots of Smiles at Youth Sunday

When you step into All Saints’ Episcopal Church on a Youth Sunday you will be greeted by a young smiling student dressed as one of our stewards (or ushers). You will then sit down in a pew and listen to the sweet voices of our middle and high school students read the lectionary.

You will hear the amazing voices of our Youth Ensemble and Children’s Choir sing throughout the service. You watch the Youth Stewards pass the offering plate and greet you to come to the Lord’s table for Holy Communion. This is a normal Youth Service; led mostly by the youth within our church which occurs four Sundays throughout the year.

However, this past Youth Sunday was no normal service. Let’s take a step back a few months prior to this extraordinary day. It was the last Youth Sunday in 2018. All of the lectors (or scripture readers) were sitting in the front pew like normal with Stephanie Paul the Youth Leader. During Rev. Kathy Hulin’s homily (or sermon), one of our youth leaned over and asked Stephanie, “Why isn’t a youth leading the homily?” Casually she answered “well, they can if a student would like to; would you like to?” To her surprise the student confidently answered, “Yes, I can do that.” As Stephanie was processing what had just happened she wanted to jump up from the pew and scream with excitement. Leaders and teachers within a church pray for this revelation to come!

The first Youth Sunday in 2019, then, was set off with a bang. We had all the bells and whistles plus one very amazing addition – a homily prepared and presented by one of our high school students, Emma Petcoff! It was beautiful and brought some to tears. Watching the way God has and is working in our church and through our Family Ministries is so rewarding. We have had graduating seniors share in times past, but Emma as a tenth grader blessed us all by preparing the message for the day based upon the lectionary scriptures. She presented her church family with a beautiful heartfelt homily that she prayed over and took time to prepare with Rev. Kathy’s help.

Please join us for our next Youth Sunday on May 5, 2019 for possibly another special treat.


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