Shrove Tuesday aka Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday!

Yes, all of these “festivals” are one and the same. However, dictionaries show that the word “shrove,” considered archaic, is the past tense of  the verb” to shrive” or  confess and receive absolution for sins. Hence the meaning of Shrove Tuesday literally meant confession prior to the Holy Season of Lent.

That is a far cry from the next term, Mardi Gras, celebration of the day before Ash Wednesday with parades and carousing. Fat Tuesday is just a translation of Mardi Gras. A current Google check adds another term for that sacred day as Pancake Day. In that progression of terms we can notice its similarity to modern cultural development.

At All Saints’ while we prefer to focus on the shriving of Shrove Tuesday, we will incorporate the last of the terms with a pancake supper, a less sumptuous celebration than others held here. In the days before Ash Wednesday we prepare ourselves for the penitential season of Lent, reflecting on Christ’s passion and death on the Cross, anticipating His glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Shrove Tuesday February 25th 

Our annual Shrove Tuesday fellowship gathering will begin at 5:30 p.m. in Moses Hall. Cost is $6/per person with advance tickets at the Bookstore or at the front office. It will be $8 at the door. The meal will be pancakes with syrup, scambled eggs, orange butter or sugar free strawberry topping, sausage, and orange juice, milk and coffee. The monies will benefit our bookstore. 

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