Was Youth Sunday, May 5th a typical Youth Sunday?

Not in the least, it was one of the most emotional for me.

Each year close to graduation we have a Youth Sunday where graduating seniors give a speech about how this church has impacted their life and shaped their future.  We have a service where our amazing youth take the lead on being stewards, lectors, and singers, plus the special addition of participating during the homily. 

This year, Gabby Memmoli and Diego Delgado, both graduating seniors from George Jenkins High School gave beautiful speeches. Both unique, but yet very similar regarding the love and support they both received at All Saints’ through the Children and Youth Ministries. Getting in front of a full church is no easy task but these two did a spectacular job.

My husband Christian and I started volunteering as Youth Ministers in 2016 when Gabby and Diego both were freshmen in high school. This is now my first experience of watching the growth of amazing kiddos go through high school and now letting them go as adults and praying for them to continue on as faithful Christians. The love youth workers have for their youth group kids is indescribable, much like a parent has for their child. It is very sad to watch these kids leave from your ministry, but so sweet knowing that you had a hand in helping them grow in Christ - the most important relationship they can have.

I am so proud of all of the graduating seniors at All Saints’ Episcopal Church!

One last piece of advice before they go off into adulthood: Stay humble, true to yourself, strong in knowing that Christ is beside you through the struggles you will endure, and always know you will have us in your corner cheering you on whether that is checking in on you, being an ear for listening, or just providing a big hug every time we get to see you. You are an amazing child of God.

All my love,
Mrs. Stephanie


Scripture Readings for June 2

First Lesson Acts 16:16-34
Psalm Psalm 97
Second Lesson Revelation 22:12-16 , Revelation 22:20-21
The Holy Gospel John 17:20-26

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