Youth Sunday, Sept. 8

When you step into All Saints’ Episcopal Church on a Youth Sunday you will be greeted by a young smiling student dressed as one of our stewards (or ushers). You will then sit down in a pew and listen to the sweet voices of our middle and high school students read the lectionary scripture readings. You will hear the amazing voices of our Youth Ensemble sing throughout the service. You watch the Youth Stewards pass the offering plate and greet you to come to the Lord’s table for Holy Communion. This is a normal Youth Service; led mostly by the youth within our church which occurs three Sundays throughout the year.

This fall’s Youth Sunday was held on September 8th and was an uplifting service. Rev. Kathy Hulin gave a homily on what it looks like to embody Jesus in our every day lives. All of the youth did an amazing job in offering their service to the Lord.


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