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Loving Our Differences

I recently shared with a group of women that I value and appreciate the many different ways that God has made each of us. We were considering Psalm 139:13-14 and how God knitted each one of us together in our mother’s wombs in ways where such knowledge is too wonderful for us to understand. In remarking about our uniquely created selves, we also remarked about all of the special qualities that make each one of us different from the next person. Our individual lives are a beautiful tapestry in and of themselves, but even more so when we consider how we come together to form a colorful tapestry in the body of Christ. Don’t we love each child as God uniquely made them?!


One of my husband’s former colleagues and a family friend serves as chaplain to a college student community where the racial diversity is striking as compared to most American campuses. She wrote in a recent mission journal about seeing the differences of how God created us: “I used to say that I am ‘color blind’ and that I just see students. One of our students told me that was a shame because she is a beautiful shade of brown and I am missing out. I no longer say that. Lesson learned.”


In this season of the year when the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday prompts us to consider racial differences and biases in our nation, I find myself considering the many beautiful differences in how our bodies look, how our minds think, and how we communicate. If we are in the body of Christ, we will communicate and see and hear in love; we will embrace the differences as part of the amazing world that God created, and the differences will open our hearts and minds to a world that is bigger and as vast as the grains of sand on the shore. Our God is an amazing God!

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