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All Saints' Episcopal Church in Lakeland, Florida provides this forum as an exploration of family life with an emphasis on parenting, children, and teens. We hope that you will join our conversation and visit our children & youth ministries.

On a Journey

This past week I received communication from Bishop Greg Brewer and the Diocese of Central Florida regarding my journey toward Holy Orders. I have moved forward in the process and I am on track (God willing) for being a Candidate later this fall and then being ordained to the diaconate in January 2018! This discernment regarding the priesthood has been a rigorous process with many stages involving clergy and lay leadership throughout our diocese. I am excited and humbled for the days to come and I covet your prayers. Once I am ordained to the diaconate, a period of no less than six months will be a final discernment period before ordination to the priesthood.

Fr. Reid values my leadership at All Saints' and plans to keep me here once I am ordained. I, too, value being a part of our parish family and look forward to continue serving as I do with the children, teens, and families of our church as Director of Family Ministries, along with continuing to be involved with women's ministries, the Order of St. Luke, outreach, and altar serving. I already enjoy the many opportunities to teach, preach, care for our members and visitors, to be part of outreach ventures, to lead in worship, and to do so working with men, women, boys, and girls of all ages. At All Saints' I have been given encouragement and exhortation to share the spiritual gifts, talents, and passions for ministry that God has given me, and I am grateful to Fr. Reid for the freedom and blessing to do so. He has trusted me to work as needed and there have been many opportunities to collaborate in ministry which is a joy.

I love All Saints' Church and I am grateful to be a part of the vision that God has for us.

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