Our Expectations

groupshot15Being part of All Saints’ is a treasured fellowship with believers of like precious faith,
a mutual sharing of joyous privileges and responsibilities with other believers. 
If you are already a Christian and you decide to become part of our family, the expectations are that you will…

  • Share your time with us in worship
  • Share with us what God has shared with you
  • Learn our story and allow us to learn your story
  • Study the Bible and Christian topics with us
  • Share your God-given skills among us in a ministry suited for you
  • Like us enough to invite others to worship with you and us
  • Learn to love us

If you are a Christian who has dropped out of church life and you would like to be part of our church family, our expectations are that you will:

  • Tell us how we can help you
  • Share your experience with us, if you'd like, so we can learn from you
  • Help us grow, because you are important to us

If you are just visiting with us, the expectations are that you will:

  • Enjoy your time among us
  • Ask us, if you'd like, why we are Christians and why it makes a difference
  • Let us know, if you'd like, how we can help you

We are the family of God and a dynamic living spiritual eternal entity drawing life from the Holy Spirit in each of us with the Word of God as our light and guide. If God calls you to be a part of Christ in this place at this time, you will be very welcome as a follower and believer of the Prince of Peace.


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